The Company


Being a service-oriented organization, Fast in Cloud provides its customers with a consultative approach best suited to their existing investments in IT Infrastructure and future growth prospects, guiding our customers through each step to help them focus on, and maximize their productivity on their core products and services.

A company to provide security as a service by reliably delivering the technology and solutions customized to customer requirement within affordable cost. The intention is not to be confined to typical off-the-shelf products, but to focus on the requirements of our customers that don’t have available solutions. We innovate solutions as per customer need and deliver value with our consulting services.

To become a smart, innovative and agile strategic partner in IT security and IT management space maintaining high standards of business conduct.

It is our mission to protect individuals & organizations and enable them to confidently run their business in a safe & secure manner by providing innovative, effective and affordable IT security solutions.

We believe in the strength of collaborative skills, industry experience, and team play. The ITOrizin team consists of talented and dedicated employees, subject matter experts, consultants, and management staff who bring the flavor of uniqueness as a company. It is a balanced blend of energy, skills, and experience. .