Managed Services

What is SOC (Security Operations Centre) AND Why are companies moving towards Managed

The goal of a security assessment (also known as a security audit or security review) is to ensure that necessary security controls are integrated into the design and implementation of any information system that stores or processes critical data. Security assessments are made by assessing the weaknesses/vulnerability inheritent to the system and the associated internal or external threats that can exploit the vulnerabilities which in turn can compromise the system and data.

Security Operations Centre is a blend of security professionals , processes and technology dedicated to monitor,detect,prevent and respond to cyber incidents almost with real time visibility.

Managed Services Include

  • Continuous Monitoring of IT assets
  • Proactive detection and remediation of security breaches
  • An extended IT Team enhancing business efficiency
  • Reduction in Operational cost of manpower and large CAPEX investment
  • Helps organization to focus on core business and increase productivity
  • Compliance to regulations and security mandates

ITORIZIN offers managed security monitoring and management services from professionally managed remote security operations center. At ITOrizin, Customer comes First. It is our endeavour to take care of our customers' needs in IT infrastructure & Security space. We focus in understanding & providing effective technical solutions to help our customers overcome the growing challenges of IT security, end to end. This is performed by jointly working with our customers and collaborate to come up with cost effective and efficient solutions to address IT infrastructure and security risks and concerns. Our prime focus is to protect the Business environment of our customers and increase business efficiency by providing continuous monitoring of critical data,analysis of collected logs,Helpdesk service,business continuity and disaster recovery services, remediation and mitigation activities.